Wolfbrook Residential is built on a reputation of sound financial performance, efficient delivery and value for money, excellent time frame performances and the highest quality in design and built form.

Formed in 2020, Wolfbrook build thoughtfully designed developments in high growth areas for both homeowners and investors alike.

Each development is carefully considered from a design perspective to optimise the specific location from and to suit the geographic location and community make up. Each project is turnkey ready for homeowners and/or tenants to move into on completion.

Wolfbrook offer a Home Completion Guarantee – client payments are 100% secure, ensuring that clients receive their new home and a Total Price Guarantee – Wolfbrook guarantee the price they give the client is the price they pay for their new home.

Wolfbrook only uses trusted building products, tradespeople and building systems when constructing your new property. We take pride in our work and stand behind our properties.

All Wolfbrook, properties have a 1-year defects remedy period and a 10-year structural warranty, pursuant with the Building Act and Manufacturers and Suppliers warranty or guarantee.

When you settle your Wolfbrook property you will receive a comprehensive pack containing information on Warranties and Maintenance for the products used in the construction of the property. The products used carry manufacturers warranties and are covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act

Wolfbrook homes are all Healthy Homes compliant. Furthermore Wolfbrook Residential offer a 2 year rental guarantee to all investors clients.

da-silva builders

Da-Silva Builders are a small team, focused on making a big impact. They are specialists in residential property development, dedicated to building outstanding quality homes that are carefully designed to be robust, stylish, and efficient.

With almost 22 years’ experience in residential construction and 10 years in property development, Da-Silva Builders has a wealth of technical and practical experience to complete their developments on time and within budget. They pride themselves on having sound long-standing relationships with their financiers, professional consultants, suppliers and contractors.

Da-Silva Builders provide housing in a variety of different ways; from medium density town houses, studio accommodation, free standing houses and high-density apartments. This approach helps cater to many different people in different situations with varying budgets and requirements.

They are award winning Master Builders who offer a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee on residential work and deliver around 75 new dwellings each year. Da-Silva also offers 12 month rental guarantees on some of their properties.

inspire homes

Inspire Homes are committed to delivering well thought out and exceptionally high quality developments for both homeowners and investors.

Inspire Homes is a property developer and builder specialising in subdivision and new build projects. Every home built by Inspire is personally overseen by Director, Anyos Gonczy. Each home gets built with care. No short cuts, no ‘lowest price wins’ approach when engaging trades.

Creative Designs & Finishes – Every home we design and build goes through a rigorous process. Our interiors are designed with tasteful flair and with practical functionality in mind. We don’t forget the garden either; all our homes come landscaped, comprehensively planted and ready lawned to ensure a great turf from day one. And we use materials sourced from reputable local suppliers with a history of success.

Inspire Homes build various typologies from 2 bedroom townhouses through to large 6 bedroom standalone dual income properties. They design and build with investors in mind. They have worked with the team at for more than 4 years, bringing close to 80 properties to the market in that time.

Master-Build Warranty – The market leading guarantee allows you to rest easy. Registered Master Builders are there to help should anything go wrong with your build. They’ll sort out any issues and finish your home to the highest standard. The Master Build Guarantee has been developed by New Zealand – for New Zealand families and its designed to meet modern building requirements. Every Inspire new build carries this fantastic guarantee; its peace of mind at no cost to you.

Inspire Homes offer a 12 month Rental Guarantee

Newhaven Property

Fraser Heaven is the founder and Managing Director of Newhaven Property. Fraser has a proven track record of successful developments across a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential property across the North Island over a 30-year history.

Fraser has worked hard to establish wide and deep relationships in the industry, including a close network of agents, consultants, and advisors; an outstanding team focused on constructing well-designed and well-built developments.

Newhaven has built a reputation for highly effective project management, producing quality projects on time and within financial budgets. Most importantly, Newhaven is known for its professional integrity and honesty and is widely recognised for these qualities across the industry.

More recently, Fraser bought us the Kotuku Apartments, in the heart of Avondale, on the city fringe.