About Us

Momentum Realty Ltd is licensed under the REAA 2008.  

It was founded with the express purpose of marketing brand new, quality investment properties developed by some of New Zealand’s leading property developers.  

We specialise in properties that are:

  • New
  • Located in growth areas, with strong rental demand
  • Built by reputable builders, with 10-year build guarantees
  • Rent-ready, meaning no extra upgrades or work is required
  • Fee simple or freehold properties – standalone and townhouse/terraced properties. 
  • Unit title or apartment properties that are in superior locations

As we work for the vendor (and are therefore called a vendor’s agent), we have a fiduciary duty to serve the vendor’s interests above all else. However, we also have a duty to you to act in good faith, and to deal fairly with you every step of the way – and we are committed to doing so.  

There are certain things we cannot do for you, such as helping you select the property that best meets your needs – your enable.me coach will assist you with that. We are also not accountants, lawyers, building inspectors, property managers or valuers. You will usually need these professionals in some capacity when you buy a property.

Scope of the value-add support service includes:

  • Access to the enable.me property’s Real Estate listing web portal, where you can view and select properties for your enable.me coach to review
  • Preparing and presenting you with the sale and purchase agreement once a property has been recommended as suitable by your enable.me coach.
  • Coaching and support through the due diligence process after a sale and purchase agreement has been signed
  • Arranging accompanied site visits (if required) 
  • Arranging up to two rental appraisals per property 
  • Liaising with your solicitor (where required) 
  • Liaising with your mortgage adviser (where required) 
  • Providing construction updates (if under construction) via email 
  • Introducing you to the other professionals you’ll require – like an accountant, insurance adviser, property manager etc. 
  • Arranging pre-settlement inspections with professional building inspectors and valuers 
  • Liaising with your enable.me coach, mortgage adviser, solicitor, and vendor for settlement 
  • Providing you with a single point of contact throughout the entire journey 

Momentum Realty Ltd Licensed under the REAA 2008